Till Death Do Us Fart

Nothing very interesting happened yesterday, so I shall talk briefly about an interesting conversation we had during CNY, which I forgot to mention. It was on Friday night, the 2nd gambling session at my place. KSL was there, without husband (this couple takes turns in appearing, as usually one will have to baby sit the kids....this time, apparently husband was too bushed to come out).

Anyway, I was churning out gas like a petronas refinery, due to my gastro entritis, but in consideration for my guests, I'd make a dash for the door and try to discharge the noxious fumes elsewhere. KSL pointed out that I should teach her husband a thing or two.....as he obviously has no qualms about farting in her face. However, I told her, I also have no qualms farting in front of wife, and certainly won't bother bolting to the door to pass wind.

The next bit really surprised me. Apparently, Mr KSL doesn't allow Mrs KSL to fart in front of him. The reason being, he's never heard his mother fart before, so he doesn't think it's appropriate for the wife(or any other woman) to fart (within audible range) either!!!! OF ALL THE.... !!!! We are speechless!!!! Isn't that a hoot!!!!

Didn't go to the gym yesterday, as I'd been every single day last week. Found myself with lots of time, and the kids were sick, so couldn't bring them for a swim either. Anyway, not used to being at home for such a long time, I was restless and brought the youngest one out to mega mall after dinner, as the other two were having diarrhoea.

I wonder if he's evolving to be as precocious as his older brother. He isn't very articulate, by no 2's standards, and only just started talking a lot. Up to 2½ he didn't say very much. His diction is still not that great, but he knows how to get his point across. One day, he said he wanted SICKEN....I WANT SICKEN.....so we were puzzled, and said, WHAT? WHAT? What is it you want? Sicken? Then he replies : AYAM.

Anyway, last night, at the mall, after the toy shop, I wanted to check out the sports shop, so I asked him:

Me: Baby, can we go to the sports shop?
Him: I want to go booooook shop
Me: But papa wants to go to the sports shop. Only little while.
Him: Okay okay, whatever.

Where do they learn that word from. WHATEVER. In adult language, that would be grounds for a quarrel oridi.


tzuanne said…
1. in my household, we've never heard my mum fart - but that's bcos she gives us "silent killers" which is by far worst!

2. you call boy no2 baby??? what will you call girl no2 then??
REMIX said…
U are still considered lucky lah... one of these days nanti your boy would say "Ura-Ura".... that's when U go bezerk! ;-D
fatboybakes said…
tzuanne: yar, i call boy no2 baby mah, coz for now, he is the baby...its a hierarchical position in the family, like the line to the throne. crown prince, etc. so when new baby comes, new baby will be the baby lah....

remix: pi cuci mulot.
yw[2k] said…
Hehe.. Your son is so cute.

My cousin's daughter, around 4 couldn't see the animal exhibit at the Night Safari in Sg.

"Excuse meeeee.... MOVE IT! MOVE IT!"

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