When Routines Go Haywire

perspiring fitness instructor says:
blogging today? u dun blog ppl get worried
perspiring fitness instructor says:
you should be more responsible... at least put a short note saying you're busying

I'm back, after the above chastising and admonishment. Oh for crying out loud, it's only been one day. (that I've been absent).

First things first - daughter is much better, thank you all for your prayers and concern. Thanks especially to aunty LTA & uncle SF who's visit seemed to really cheer her up, and also Godma who taught her how to play fishing.

She also seemed cheered by the visit of her cheeky brother. It was the first time I had seen her smile in days. There's something about the boy that makes her laugh. Anyway, of course, the boy was fascinated by all the gadgetry surrounding the drip, and was asking what the numbers meant, etc etc. Like I would know. We had been fortunate thus far in that the next bed (no single rooms avail, only twin share) had been empty all this while, until yesterday that is. The kid admitted in the next bed also having same affliction I think. Vomitting, diarrhea, fever. And she's much tinier, and younger. But also seems to be taking it in her stride.

Daughter should be discharged today but still has to be brought back for the intravenous administration of the antibiotics. Waiting to be hit by the hospital bill. Thank God for insurance.

Well, didn't go to the gym yesterday, not because of the reasons people may imagine, but more because there was no convenient class with instructors that I would have bothered going. The one class I did consider going for was RPM in DU, but the rain!!!! The jam would have been horrendous, and anyway, it was too late. On tuesday, however, I did manage to sneak in Body Pump (Mr robot's class - only 5 ppl showed up, which he attributed to Valentine's day. Yeah, right, doesn't explain why the combat class after that was packed to capacity. But the fact that he DID notice there were so few people in the class was another slip to indicate he was human afterall). Combat was replaced by Myke, who I referred to in earlier blog. Enjoyable class, although he rehashed most of the tracks he used on Saturday.

Haven't baked anything, but intend to make a cake for tomorrow night for Godson. Also, I need to start experimenting on using sugarpaste icing, as I've got some big project coming up in a few months, so need to perfect it before then.


yhsmom said…
Poor Robot! Maybe he doesn't have anyone special to celebrate Valentine's so he has to spend it with his class members! Hence the comment
fatboybakes said…
haha, i'm sure he's quite eligible. gosh, i hope all this doesnt get back to him. i'm sure beneath all that muscle, (i overheard one PT commenting that he probably has zero percent fat), is a heart free of cholestrol.
yw[2k] said…
Came across your site from somewhere, and I'm not sure where or how.

Keep up with the good work and sinful pastries and dishes, whoa, I'm hungry already. Nice work!

Hope your daughter is alright :)

By the way who's Mr Robot yhsmom? Tracy's tomorrow?
fatboybakes said…
hi yw[2k]...thanks daughter is discharged, but still vomitting and diarrhea. oh well. i presume you an FF member. mr robot teaches pump in mrb on tuesdays, 5.40pm.
yw[2k] said…
Good to hear that your daughter is getting better. Yeah, FF member. yhsmom said hi to me last Sat! And I thought she was asking me if it was BodyJam class :X

You should try BJam, it's grreeaaaaaaaaat! :D
fatboybakes said…
aiyo, cant get myself to try body jam lah, all that blubber blubbering about with all that gyrating movements...shudder....better off trying belly dancing, since got lots of it. (belly). u tried nike rokstar yet?
Anonymous said…
Eligible? Hmm...Sorry lah but from a New Age girl's point of view, those short tights are a real turn off!

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