4 Out of 9 Anniversaries With Child

Hard to believe that 9 years ago, this time, (ie, 8th March, 10.30am), we were all either, waiting for the bride's arrival, OR, in the midst of saying our vows. Yup, 9 years. Out of which, I was thinking, while at the ante natal this morning, 4 anniversaries have been spent with the wifey with child.

Yesterday was Jakarta Jan's last body pump class, in MRB, before she leaves to assume her new post in the Indonesian capital. A few days ago, I got an sms from Lionheart saying that it was gonna be a butch class, and that everyone is making an effort to come, and there will be cake. So ya, Lionheart, yhsmom, and the famous Donna were there, (I can't remember why she's famous, but I've heard her name before), and it was a very enjoyable class. Jak Jan looked pleased to see all of us, and thanked us, including fatboy, for attending. She received a bouquet of flowers at the beginning of the class, which was packed, for lunch time. As bad as FSI's lunchtime step class. Anyway, here's wishing you all the best in Jakarta, and hope you have a wonderful time there. Look forward to meeting you again in the future.

An hour of pump was undone in 3 minutes, when we were fed that chocolate indulgence cake from secret recipe. Also, a week of healing of my elbow was quickly undone with the upright rows, and now I'm back to square one. Hisamitsu old man plaster smell wafting through me.

After work, headed for favourite cake supply shop, to buy the cake board and stuff for boy's upcoming birthday. He's already specified he wants a fish themed cake. I love going to that shop. As Kung See Lai said, can get high without alcohol in that shop.

Didn't make dessert for family, as 1. I knew the dinner was gonna be heavy, 2. was rushing to attend FCI's debut class in the Tuesday slot in MRB. So just made some choc chip cookies instead for the kids, but it nearly got burnt, (in fact, some of the sides WERE burnt) as I was momentarily distracted.

The combat class was SOOOO PACKED, they had to let us into the studio by roll call. SHEEESH. When I asked the crowd, err yerr, why so full one?, one of them replied, Calvin's class ma.....
It was a great class. Haven't sweated that much in combat for awhile...I think the fact that the class was packed added to the heat in the room. Oooh, the We Will Rock You conditioning rocks.


Pick Yin said…
wuaaa, lucky i didn't go. else may end up outside the studio laaa... hehheh
yhsmom said…
Leng Lui Jan really lives up to her nickname! Looks better than any of us in the photo!

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