Aiya No Response One

Aiya, no one responded to my reward offer for being the 10,000th customer on the blog. Actually, in reality, it's not really the 10,000th customer per se lah, coz the counter was installed several months after I started this blog, thanks to HL, and 2ndly, my own visits to the blog is counted as well. So give or take, I'd say realistically, there probably have been about 5000 hits thus far.

I recall clearly the day HL asked me to give blogging a go. I was a bit skeptical about the whole thing, but looking back, have no regrets. It's almost therapeutic, and it has also given me the chance to meet some new people, some of whom have since become good friends even. It isn't all encompassing, of course, and while some people may think it's very time consuming, the actual typing of text alone takes about 10-15 minutes max. It's when you upload pics, etc, that it becomes more time consuming. But like recipe books, I also believe a pic paints a 1000 words.

So for the "commemorative" post Jesscet suggested in the shoutbox, I would like to thank all of you for being so supportive and nice and encouraging thus far. To fellow bloggers, like All Aboard, Marathon Runner, Chipmunk, J&J, Shades, Masak Masak, Calpurnia, Shades GF, Quodlibet, LaineyOng, KO3, well, without making this sound like an oscar speech, we are inevitably linked in some cyber cosmic way.

And for the lurkers and commentors out there, keep those comments rolling. The sarkier the better.

Back to Regular Post : Not a very eventful day yesterday. Got home after work, made a peach and banana crumble to bring to (brother) in-laws' place for dessert, with custard sauce and vanilla ice cream. Went for RPM class with Herny. Yar, it doesn't get any easier. In fact, I think its a minor miracle that I can still walk the day after. I am now a staunch believer in the cool down tracks, and getting rid of the lactic acid build the instructor put it.


Pick Yin said…
Am normally half dead after RPM. Oh, note that for the launch, some branches requires pre-registration in person and only one class is allowed. Just in case.. ;)
fatboybakes said…
aiyeeerrrrrr, really ah? wonder if MRB is laidat.
all-aboard! said…
for a moment I thought your Evil Twin attended the RPM class..
fatboybakes said…
oh, no lah, HERNY...
in any case, we dont reveal real names of friends hor.
all-aboard! said…
arr, arr.
jesscet said…
you too humble lah. surely more than 5,000 hits from your visitors! and btw my blog is jess' 2 js not j&j (haha, Jack & Jill!)

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