Any Time Now

That's what the gynae said at this morning's ante natal checkup. "Any time now". But he also said that last week. Well, if nothing happens, the kid will be induced on 3rd april.

There's something primal about the latest Body Combat release. The idea of pummeling someone senseless, repeatedly punching them while they're on the ground, somehow appeals to the darker side of human beings, as can be seen by the zeal with which that particular track is executed. I could feel a certain adrenalin surge while knocking the daylights out of an imaginary foe. To the uninitiated, yeah, well, all (or most) of body combat is about whacking people, but so far, it's usually punching an upright person. (position, not character). So this particular Muay Thai track, which allows you to repeatedly box someone who you've presumably toppled earlier, gives a sense of .....euphoria??? FCI's class was packed as usual. The wafts of body odor were stronger than normal, and I reckon part of the reason we sweat so much in his class is coz of the body heat. Usually the studio in MRB is like the arctic in summer. Speaking of gym, an undisclosed character lodged his complaint that FGXC was not an allowable title in this case, coz I have no dealings with any other Group X Coordinators!!! HAHAHA.

Person : u know, him being the only GXC really deal with... the FGXC title cannot be justified

After dinner, brought the kids to Ikano, coz suddenly, they've taken an interest in philately, and boy no1 wanted a stamp album. I had earlier on bought one for girl, and in fact, have been dreaming of this moment when my kids would start their own collection, and I have been saving stamps for them since time immemorial. I've been faithfully subscribing to First Day Covers, (actually, you'll be surprised at how nice some of our local FDCs are), including ordering the entire Lord of the Rings FDC from New Zealand. I myself have no real interest in stamp collection though. I digress. It would seem that the advent of the internet and sms has all but obviated the need for postage stamps, hence taking with it the hobby of stamp collection. Either that, or kids these days just do not undertake such mundane hobbies. I couldnt find ANY stamp albums, neither in Popular, nor Borders. I mean there was the odd one, and I literally mean odd. Ugly as well.

Met up with Mr Lielector and sweet wife for drinks at Labodega, as they were entertaining this group of exchange MBA students from Cambridge. Cambridge, of course, no less. [in pompous brit accent]. Pleasantly surprised to meet "old" friend and girlfriend, who we used to see quite often in the Red Planet crowd in days gone by. Apparently it has been two years since we met. Twas a very enjoyable evening of week night drinking, hobnobbing with Mr Lielector etc....


Pick Yin said…
My first time at MRB yesterday, the studio is so small!
yhsmom said…
What makes Anon so sure that you have not had dealings with other GXCs?

As you know, that "pummeling an imaginary foe who is on the ground" move is the highlight of the current release for me!
fatboybakes said…
hey pick yin, yar, now you know lah, those crowded classes with the popular instructors can get rather claustrophobic in that teenie weenie studio.

yhsmom..well, coz anonymous knows lar. and yar, i know that move is your current fave. i wasnt sure if it was that one, or the other hitting track err...4 or 5.
yhsmom said…
Oh I like that one too but the pummeling one gets top marks!

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