Busy Busy Weekend

From the time I got home on Friday, till now, it's been rather hectic. Had to rush the cake for boy1's birthday on Saturday, and he had dictated to me what he wanted. What I wasn't counting on was how DIFFICULT it is to get coloring into the sugarpaste icing. It's like massaging an old fat person whose fat had coagulated.

Anyway, the original intention was to have to shades of blue. One light, for the sky, one dark, for the sea. But the kneading of the sugarpaste just for one shade had zapped me of all energy, and I feared I could not go for RPM after, so I thought, what the heck, just make it into an aquarium. But boy vehemently objected, so I just made a few darker strips of blue, not a whole chunk, to signify waves. The Finding Nemo jelly beans were bought from Hong Kong. Yes, I do plan ahead. The while clouds are sugarpaste, the sun, birds and seaweed are those stripped jelly beans.

Then scooted off for RPM class with Ping, whom Shades described as:
"She may look like an angel, but she rides like the devil from hell". (loosely paraphrased)
Ya, I soon knew what he meant. It was quite a torture class. I heard from Mr Cool who said what I was hearing for the 2nd time (not from him) that "it doesn't get any easier". Which I think was first said by blog Commentor, PY, whom I eventually met in SPK on Sunday (that's another story). Yup, RPM does NOT get any easier.

Came home after RPM, and quickly whipped up an apple crumble for bible study, as I was sure I'd be hungry after my porridge dinner. The crumble, with vanilla custard sauce was well received. Ever since I figure you could cook apples in a microwave, baking with apples has become so much easier!!!

Saturday morning: Hmmm, it's one of those situations where I cannot blog certain things, for I wasn't where I was supposed to be.

Anyway, rushed to Mandarin Oriental for old friend's wedding. I thought it was at the Marriot, fortunately godma was with us, for we were already in front of the Marriot when she asked, what are we doing here?

Since it was for the church wedding ceremony, the ballroom was decked out in theatre seating style, in a slight V shape, all facing the stage. Balls of flowers hung from the ceiling, lots of cloth involved. Very tastefully done lah, but one would have expected it of old friend. Lunch thereafter at the neighbouring ballroom. To me, the highlight of the lunch was the fresh figs, which was used as a decoration for the green tea cakes, which I whacked. (the figs, not the cakes). Very very nice. Very hard to get fresh figs.

This is the wedding cake. Simple but elegant. Basically cake covered in fondant, with a silver ribbon or bow, interspersed with fresh (pesticide free, hopefully), flowers.

Rushed home after that, to get ready for son's birthday party. Torrential rains came, followed by sms-es from a few guests to say they couldn't make it because of the rain lah, kids sleeping la, forgot la, this la that la. Cannot come because of rain.....gee, you'd think they where catching a rickshaw over, or riding a bicycle. At one stage, with the number of fong fei keis, there looked like there would be enough leftover food for three weeks.

But fortunately, this was not the case. Anyway, the kids had a great time.

That's a picture of godson tucking into the cake, which I have to say was incredibly dry. Maybe leaving it overnight covered with a "leaking" sugarpaste icing (there were some cracks in the icing) made it dry.

Was a semi good boy on Sunday, and was where I was supposed to be, but managed to sneak out during lunch time to try out Body Combat at SPK. Being my first time there, it was like rusa masuk kampung. Had to ask the guards WHERE FF was, etc etc.... FCI was teaching, and I was hoping without his glasses he wouldn't notice me, and tucked myself at the back the room. He obviously has his regular following, .....the giggling and screaming women were indication of that.

Alas, he's not as blind as I had hoped, and he actually said, "Hey, is that [so and so]"? and squinted my direction. I didn't respond, so he said, "oh sorry, I thought you were [so and so]"...then he put on his glasses to take a better look. Argh, no escaping that time. Turns out, as I said, fellow blog wanderer, PY, was also in the class. But she looks so different from her profile pic, how the HECK was IIII supposed to recognise her. Sorry ya, PY, for not knowing immediately, though I did have this instinctive feel. Of course, immediately after the class, FCI was surrounded by his legion of adoring female fans.

Brought kids swimming in the evening in Lake Club. Baby boy is coughing, so brought him to lake gardens. Oh, one of the presents boy1 got was a magic set, with magic wand.
So yesterday, he was waving the wand around, and asked me:
Boy: What is the magic word?
Me: Dunno
Boy: it's PLEASE.


Pick Yin said…
FB: Aiya nevermind, I was wondering if you're FB also, because the spec so trendy. Kekekekkek..

Didn't know your FCI calls you that in his class tho.. >) How was BC in SPK for you then, aside from the screaming female fans (excluding me of course)?
fatboybakes said…
BC with FCI is always great. well, the reason he calls me that is coz one day, someone (obviously BLIND) asked me if i was his dad. Since then, the title STUCK.
in your case, 1. you weren't wearing the trendy specs, 2. your hairstyle is COMPLEETELY different....3. the pic in your profile rather mysterious la. but stranger hor, how i instinctively knew.
Pick Yin said…
Like FCI, i can't keep my glasses on and have to be a bit blind during BC. After track 1, it becomes foggy. After track 4 with all the jumpkicks, it's practically on my lips. :D

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