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One of the issues that has been recurring is the issue of the big V (for me) as a method of safe contraception. I know I am wading into deeper waters than I usually do, hhhmmmm, so I think I should stop.

Anyway, boy no1 has been pestering me to make "marble cake" ever since it was featured in some cartoon on disney channel. So since it's fairly easy, gave in to his request and made it. Turned out quite nice actually, but then again, with one block of butter, you can't really go wrong I reckon.

Since got gym out of the way during lunch time, freed up the evening. Managed to get baby boy to try swimming with goggles. Thus far he has always resisted. He has a really big head, for a 3½ year old, and probably the kids goggles were too tight. Anyway, finally got him to don on a pair, and he loved it. I reckon he looks sooo cute in it.

Lunch time step ...class not as packed as usual, but still very good for a lunch time crowd. New release, which is not bad. But I always enjoy FSI's class regardless. He seems to be having recurring back problems.


Pick Yin said…
The big V is reversible nowadays. ;)
Tiger Chin said…
Get your wife to have her tubes tied instead.
fatboybakes said…
tiger, are you being sarcastic? do you want me to be lynched by that group of females that were advocating that i have the big V??!!! cant be so laidat oso la, if i dont wanna do it, i dont expect HER to do it either...but seriously, were you being serious??? coz coming from a gynae, (u are a gynae aren't you), that's like gold you know...
jaytea said…
for a moment, i thought you were planning for child V when IV belum keluar lagi. i was like respect! respect! so berani!

oooo... laidat-ah... the big V so that there's no V

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