Cutting Hair With The Tun

I know, I know, I felt like a teenager meeting his pop idol or something. Unashamedly, I have always been an admirer of our ex Prime Minister, no matter what people may say. But since this is a food blog, and not a political one, I shall not go into all that. Suffice to say, I sat down in my barber chair seat, it was unusually quiet save for one other fellow cutting his hair. It was only when I sat down, and looked in the mirror, I realised who was sitting next to me.

What does one do in an AWKWARD situation like that? The last time when I saw current prime minister sitting directly behind me in the play Emily of Emeral Hill, (he was DPM then), I wished him Good Evening Yang Berhormat, and got sooo much flack from iconoclast couple, (quodlibet now), for being obsequious, and kiss ass. I don't know about THEIR generation, but my generation, we were taught to wish our elders, and people we respect. So anyway, I greeted the Tun with a "Good evening Tun". He very graciously replied likewise, (of course, he didnt say Tun as well)....

Anyway, I felt like a lazy slob, since I was having my haircut and not doing anything, whereas he was reading. I can't see the palm of my hand without my glasses, let alone read!!! Usually I fall asleep and probably snore, but this time I made sure I kept awake. Anyway, at the end of it, he even said goodbye before I could. Oh well, that was my brief encounter with the good Tun.

Of course, the minute I got out of the barber shop, it was sms-es to all and sundry....amongst the interesting replies I got were:

The above sms was from shades.

Autograph? In a barber shop? You gotta be kidding.

Further to Shades' sms yesterday,

perspiring fitness instructor says: got bodyguard ah
CORNELIUS says: not in the shop
CORNELIUS says: they were outside
perspiring fitness instructor says: still got bodyguard.. what use of them to be outside
perspiring fitness instructor says: yeah, u could kill him
CORNELIUS says: as u said, i doubt anyone would bother
perspiring fitness instructor says:maybe your for today's entry "I COULD'VE KILLED HIM"
perspiring fitness instructor says: then y have bodyguard
perspiring fitness instructor says: COULD'VE does not imply u WOULD
perspiring fitness instructor says: like I could go for a sex change op doesn't imply i WOULD

Honestly, what goes thru this fler's head!!!

Apart from meeting the Tun, yesterday, I also got a call from Astro saying I had won two tickets to La Boheme in Istana Budaya. Cheh, why couldn't it have been tickets for Grease, or Il Divo in Sydney!!!

Met up with long lost friend, Ipoh Banker, and had a complimentary tea at Le Meridien courtesy of one of the membership consultants. If you are into those hotel privilege cards thingies, you might want to consider Le Meridien. RM438, which even gives 2 nights complimentary stay.

Combat with FCI. They still cant teach the new tracks, although it's been launched in MRB oridi. Anyway, the class was packed like sardines. When he announced that he won't be teaching there anymore, and the original instructor will be back, there was an audible groan from some of his lady fans.

Attended a restaurant opening, Mexican, called Sandias, next to Domino's in Plaza Damansara. The finger food was excellent....don't know how to describe them, as I dont have the correct terminology.

Since the finger food was ....finger food, still pregnant wife had craving for hokkien mee, so we headed to YI Garden in BSC, which has good but exorbitantly priced hokkien mee.... I guess we are paying the rental as well....and we bumped into yhsmom's FFM. (favourite fellow member), ie, The Lionheart. Which makes it like the 5th time we've bumped into them in BSC in a period of 2 weeks.

After too much carbo, decided to stretch the legs by walking around cold storage when I spotted THIS. I'd only ever heard this word on ALL ABOARD blog, so was pretty fascinated, and as fate would have it, ever since the cameraless Tun encounter, I now carry camera wherever I go. I'm not sure what it is.... a dip, a sauce, ...oh, silly me, it says there pasta sauce.


shades said…
I could kill you... and I would probably do it too...
all-aboard! said…
i saw him at MPH mid valley one evening, but only because there was a huge throng near the fiction section.. everyone was gawking at him while the autograph hunters were having a field day. Surprisingly, he obliged autograph after autograph and shook scores of proffered hands. All this while being almost smothered (think of those TV-interviews where he used to sit in a chair while a gazillion mics are thrust in his face from above) by taller and girthier folk. He had a slightly amused (amazed?) (smug?) expression at the attention get was getting (causing?). Poor fler was just out on his own (bodyguards lurking in the sci-fi section?) to buy a book. Ironically, you won't see such a riot at other Emerald Hills...

p/s did u buy the pasta sauce? :)
Pick Yin said…
You should've talked to him. He's a pretty down to earth guy, and his bodyguards do keep a distance. :D
fatboybakes said…
shades: yar, i'll come for your rpm class. you can do it then.

hl : no i didnt buy the sauce. wasn't in a buying mood last night. oh, but i did discover a lovely new brand of lemon sorbet. very tangy, sour, almost as good as haagen daz, at a fraction the cost. cant remember brand though.

pick yin : he was reading wor. and furthermore, i wasnt wearing my glasses. i'm kinda deaf without my specs. probably some psychological reasons behind this. i cant hear without my glasses.
all-aboard! said…

I can't hear without my specs too!!
Venetia said…
Oh, I bumped into him during his time as PM - at Lot 10 with the wifey - he was browsing in one of the music shops and it seemed as tho everyone else stayed away - but since my colleague (now ex) seriously admired him, I promptly went in, stood next to him, pretended to browse, then turned to him and duly said 'hello YB'. He smiled, shook my hand and I smiled back and walked out of the shop! Was kinda cool - the bodyguards were all outside the shop, them smiling away as well... hmmmm....
fatboybakes said…
HIIII venetia, so nice of u to drop by!!! actually, now i'm kicking myself for not asking him what he thought of nazri's asinine remarks in the papers yesterday.
Anonymous said…
You have been very kind to the Tun. I would have abused him for his role in Operation Lallang in 1987. I am Down Under because of him. Tell me where this barber is and I will stalk that place the next time I am in M'sia!!!
dk said…
wah .. didn't know you frequented "happening" barbers .. any left in Bangsar?? Thought they're all stil in Brickfields!! Hah!! You beat me to it! Was going to reccomend the Le Meridian to you !! (hhmm .. won't pass this one off to you .. but we could go chow there??) DK
fatboybakes said…
tiger: aiya, i oridi said this is not a political blog, so no comments la on ops lallang and what have u. i think the then senior pastor of my church was one of the victims, and has since migrated to new zealand. but aiyo, this is a shallow blog, so shallow that an ant cant drown, so no comments la. as to which barber...hmmmm, i thought i mentioned oridi didnt i???

dk: precisely, it wasnt a "happening" barber. haircuts there cost RM9-00!! that's with a head massage thrown in. (all of 34 seconds)...
yhsmom said…
Lately especially I have been missing the Tun...
jacqui_woo said…
Hmm...interesting how this is your first encounter if you've shared the same barber for years. RM9 one some more. No comments about the flack re: Emily episode. I gave the good Cambridge reverend similar flack abt the good Tun on some overhead bridge after a CCF day out too.
fatboybakes said…
i think when the good Tun was PM, the barber actually went to sri perdana to shear those locks. those days the haircut was only RM7 or RM8. i have bumped into the CURRENT PM in that same barber shop before though, before he was PM.

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