Due Date

[errata update: I've been informed by Shades that the airline should be AIR ASIA, and not MAS].

Today is the day. Due date for the stork to arrive. But the stork must be flying Malaysian Airlines, coz it's delayed. No signs yet.

Tuesday's late night out left me lethargic and zombified. Certainly not as young as we used to be, and used this excuse to justify not doing a strand of exercise yesterday. Didn't even venture within 100m of Menara Manulife, lest I be sucked in by the gravitational pull. MPH 100 hour sale is on. Pretty good, 20% off all books. Stocked up on more recipe books. Would you believe it, they don't have Nigella Lawson?!!!

Went to two MPHs actually. One in MVM....which actually, for its size, lacks variety. The one in 1 utama certainly seems to have a wider variety of stuff, at least stuff that I am interested in. Bumped into ex FCI in Giant. His first time meeting the brood, and mumbled something about the boys resembling me.

I ask you, WHERE is the resemblance?!!!


tzuanne said…
son 2 looks more like you...

son 1 looks more like the wife...

even in the pictures you put up, it seems pretty obvious...
boo_licious said…
MPH has lousy cook book stock. The one at the Curve is pretty decent. Wow, you are really into Nigella.

On the kids - well, since I don't know what you look like, can't really comment but based on the pixs, there is a resemblace for the one below.
fatboybakes said…
hi boo, i'm not really that into nigella, but she does exude a certain kind of erm...how should i say it....aura....i dunno. re the kids, if anything, i think the first pic bears a certain resemblance to the middle pic...(middle pic is me).

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