Foodie Weekend

Seemed like a rather packed weekend. On Friday, decided that since I wasn't going to go for Body Pump, coz of the slight niggling pain on elbow, I'd go the gym earlier to get the daily exercise out of the way. Bumped into the RPM instructor, Ping (looks like angel, rides like devil fame) chatting with Nick, (who is now also my FGXC, coz as yhsmom says, he is always so accommodating and willing to listen to members gripes), when Nick told me that the Combat Instructor for the Tuesday evening slot will not be able to teach that slot for the next 9 months or so. Good for her!!!! Anyway, the good news was that FCI will probably continue teaching that slot.

Ping, while talking to me, suddenly realised that I was fatboy of fatboybakes. I apologised profusely for not attending her RPM class, though I did somewhat enjoy her classes, as far as it is possible to enjoy RPM.

Anyway, did the machines. They've finally upgraded the treadmills at MML, (Menara Manulife, formerly known as Menara John Hancock, like The Artist Formerly Known as Prince....I wonder when the day will come that I can say, Hallo, I'm Anorexia, Formerly Known as Fatboy)....

FSI, who was teaching his free step class, (almost said free sex class), gave me look of disbelief when he found out I had been on the machines. I think I might join his free step class, as most of the people there look quite lost anyway!!!

No Cell group, so brought the kids to mega mall, as I was hunting for a pair of new gym shoes, since my present one's soul has been ripped.

Saturday morning- Together with KSL, (the one with the two kids), headed to KL Hilton, Senses, for our culinary course. What I wasn't expecting was for KSL to give me a treat!!! So sweet of her, but she insisted on paying, mumbling something about birthday present. Thanks KSL (and Mr KSL) again, if you're reading this.

The chef conducting the course was Kelly something, (very obviously ozzie), of Senses. The menu was a goat curd's tartlet with vegetable, a morton bay bug risotto, and a white chocolate parfait with strawberry jelly and stone fruit salsa.

Started with nice pastries and coffee for breakfast. The course, since it was first, was quite interesting, and quite an eye opener as to how these things are conducted. Honestly, didn't seem very hard. As in, neither the cooking nor the instructing seemed hard. Probably could have done it as well. And I reckon that 70% of the work is in the presentation. The highlight for me was probably the sauces. See that red sauce the risotto is swimming in? Quite nice. I make for you all next time.

The above pics are the pics of the chef, (Kelly is the girl), and her assistant, Marco.

Lunch, (the same three items), was a lovely pleasant way to spend Saturday lunch, and I had to follow up the day's events with a massage, which seemed very keeping with the Tai tai theme. By the way, there were quite a number of men in the class as well. Had to fetch the kids from music class.

By the time all this was over, (ie, picking kids, massage, etc), it was 6pm, and no way I could have made it to combat, and prepared dessert for the pot luck as well. Pot luck as Mr Lielector's house, (hotshot merchant banker), and I had undertaken to bring dessert. Made a Chocolate Jaffa Tart with Grand Marnier, and signature Peach and Banana Crumble with Whipped Cream and Vanilla Custard Sauce. As with all pot lucks, there was way too much food. There were starters, (hors douvres from La Swiss), satay from Kung See Lai, (I expected her to put her new found baking skills to use), pasta and salad from Marathon Woman, (wife of the other hot shot banker), loads and loads of roast pork from Mr Ho's courtesy of Bitch Groomer, (really, she grooms dogs, and other pets), lovely lovely char yoke and chicken feet from Hippest Looking Mother of Teenage Girls, and roast salty duck from Sze Ngan Chai, courtesy of the good doctor and his wife. Way way WAY tooo much food.

Peach and Banana Crumble

Got home at 2 something am after dinner, sitting around chatting with the hosts, and LPT partner and la swiss wife.

Sunday - Mild hangover, church as usual, followed by body step. Wow, that class seems to be getting crowded as well. In evening, tried out new pasta maker to make lasagna, which boy no1 has been bugging me for a long time. Quite fun.

Finished product not bad.

Finally got around to watching the dvd yhsmom lent me, called SPL. No idea what it stands for. But omigoodness, Donnie Yen is SOOOOOOOOOOO cooooool, I am a new Donnie Yen convert. If he taught Body Combat, he'd be my FCI before you can say upper cut. (I'm sure he'd be mobbed at every class). Not a bad show, very violent, resulting in the wife even having really weird dreams.

Still no sign of popping.


yhsmom said…
Go Donnie go! He's not only a great martial artist but dead sexy too!

I met him in a lift in Hong Kong (with his stunning beauty queen wife, unfortunately)last year and he looks even better in the flesh! Also very charming to drooling fans!
yhsmom said…
BTW SPL is just the acronym of the romanised spelling of the movie's Chinese title "Sart Por Long"
fatboybakes said…
ooh, noticed ur tribute to peter chang on shades blog. wah!!
Anonymous said…
it's an honour my dear buddy! ;-) i'm juz doin muh job lah!
it's becuz of u that made the this classic place what it is .. thx for all ur support! ;-) *lotsa hugs*
shades said…
whose wife had weird dreams? Urs of the character's wife?

Please elaborate...

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