Happy Birthday Dad

Was my father's birthday yesterday. Went to Zipangu for dinner, but only because I had a 35% group dining voucher, which made it quite reasonably priced. Food was excellent as always, and the shashimi very very fresh. Forgot to take pics of the other food, like the pan seared foie gras on winter melon, the soft shell crab spider maki, the yummy grilled saba mackerel.

Twas a noisy affair as usual, with the 6 kids running around wild. Boy no 1 as usual, being his cheeky self, when singing the birthday song, went,
Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to [DAD'S NAME]
Happy Birthday to you.

I mean, all of us sang either dad, yer yer or kong kong.... that boy call by name.

Apart from the birthday dinner, nothing very much happened. Decided to give the old bones a rest after yesterday's gruelling Body Attack.


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