Old Friends, New Launches.

On Friday, after work, I was soooo lazy to go to the gym. After preparing the pastry for the currypuffs I intended to make for cell group later, I just could NOT foresee myself lugging this heavy ass all the way for an RPM class, which I detest anyway. Nevertheless, when the "angel" and "devil" fatboys appeared on my shoulders, both putting forth their point of views, the "angel" finally won.

RPM class was with Ping again, the one who "looks like an angel but rides like the devil". She was very friendly, even recalled me from last week's class. (Must have been my half dying expression). I swear, 50 minutes of RPM is probably some of the longest 50 minutes ever. Actually, I am amazed that after the class, or the next day, I am not wheelchair bound or something, coz DURING the class, I usually think, omigoodness, I'm not going to be able to walk tomorrow. Waved to Shades as he was conducting the combat class, only to get a friendly scowl in return. Heh heh.

The currypuffs were somewhat a disaster. Firstly, they're meant to be fried, but I opted for the healthier option, which is baking them. 2ndly, I think the pastry is meant to be made just prior to frying, so I had left mine sitting in the fridge while I was cycling in a make believe world. The result was a very dry puff, which even the least harsh of food critics, picked up.

Was feeling desperately thirsty, so was calling around town to see which of my friends I could hang out with for a drink after cell group. Fortunately, one can always count on Red Planet to be happening. Joined them for drink at Clear, in Plaza Mont Kiara. The merriment was embellished by the presence of two supposed ex Ms Philippines, chubby sabahan baby, (now not so chubby, just balding), and some others. As always, a night out with Red Planet can be expected to be fun, laced with comments that rank high on the Bitchter Scale and shallow conversation revolving around Imelda Marcos.

Saturday morning - last minute birthday present shopping for godson's birthday. Spent most of the rest of the day recovering from the late night, dropped kids off at music class, (now that wife is like on standy for popping and shouldn't be driving), fitted in a very unsatisfactory massage, got home and scooted off for the new Les Mills launch at MRB. We were told that we weren't allowed to attend back to back classes, hence the TOUGH TOUGH choice, of whether to go for the Body step launch, with FSI and Macho Nippon Lady, or Body Combat with FCI and FPI. They were so strict, they even had a BAR across the studio door to prevent any non registrants from entering the step class. Must be the celebrity status of the instructors. Probably equivalent of doing Step with Brad Pitt and Jolie.

I have to say that I really enjoyed the combat launch, despite some earlier preconceived reservations. I am sure the presence of FPI and FCI in no small way contributed to the enjoyment process. Oh, I had earlier bought the launch T shirts, expecting them to be like the body attack one GW gave me last year, but aiyo, these only came in L, M and S. Wearing the L, I felt like a dumpling wrapped in lotus leaf. Very the tight ler.

Me with FPI and YHSMOM (below)

Favourite Pump Instructor and Favourite Combat Instructor

Went to pick the kids from godson's party, but ended up having dinner there as well. Satay, pasta and salad. Couldn't stay for the cake cutting, coz wanted to pop over to 1 utama to check out the British India sale, where shirts were going for 60% off.

Sunday, didn't make it to church, so had time to make pancakes for the kids. For the first time, I managed to get it to that nice brown color that I see in restaurants and books. Turns out, you need a good non stick pan, and low heat, and the patience of Mother Theresa.

Met up with Woman I am Scared Off, who is back in town for a few days from Sydney. Had lunch at that Segambut seafood place, with godma, wife and WIASO. Good to catch up, but as I told her, I probably see more of her than some friends who live here. In the evening, went for the Body Attack Launch in SPK, ...hardly a way to wind down on a Sunday evening. Eugh, it was TOUGH. By the time the song "Listen to your heart" was playing, (track 6 or 7 or 8, I think), I could barely hear my heart. Why do we torture ourselves like this? They served the miniature donuts, (I thought they were for first time body pumpers), and very dry chocolate cake, at the launch.

I went coz FSI was teaching, with Jeremy and Lynn. First time experiencing FSI's BA class, and it was great. Full of the same vigour and enthusiasm and oomph he displays in body step. But I better play the field before bestowing the FAI title too freely on anyone, lest some OTHER instructor I know ruptures a blood vessel. Surprisingly, despite the stellar launch team, it was a very quiet class, so much so, I was the shoe in winner for the Body Attack Launch T Shirt, as the other guy there was definitely not an L size. Had also won a nike waterbottle in the combat launch yesterday.

Finally got around to watching Brokeback Mountain, much hyped about, and recipient of very varying remarks and reviews. Some women I know, eg, sister, Mrs Lie Lector, said they found it "disturbing". Sister in Law found it very good. Brother in law (wife's bro) watched it 3 times, as did a few other friends, who said it was sooooo touching. (or touchy, I'm not sure which). Suffice to say, all the hype raised the bar of expectation VERY VERY HIGH, and literally, killed the movie for me. Me, liable to cry at a touching scene in a cartoon, was left high and dry. It was a poignant love story, no doubt, but I was expecting to be reduced to a snivelling blob.... which didn't happen. So very disappointing.


Anonymous said…
Hahaha...the BAR across the door was an act of Nick being cheeky! Btw, you look nice with those launch t-shirt. Not as fat as I thought.
fatboybakes said…
wehlllll, thank you for THAT back handed compliment, heh heh.
yhsmom said…
Ya lor. You looked ok in the t-shirt lah and you could move during the class so it really wasn't that tight!

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