One Week To Go

[Music to Final de deeeeeeeeeee de, de de de de duhhhh]

Well, due date is 30th, making it exactly one week left, but whoever heard of the stork arriving right on the dot. My preferred dates would be 27th, coz that'll be exactly a week after my dad's birthday, meaning we celebrate a birthday every week in March, starting from the 6th. 6th is mother in law's, 13th is boy no 1, 20th is dad, and hopefully 27th is baby girl. If not, then maybe 28th...nice number mah. Yee Fatt.

I recall when the last kid was due. It was 7th Sept 2002. Looking back at the folly of youth....I was out having drinks with new found friends, and would really have been in no condition to drive a woman in labour to the hospital. Phew. I'd never have heard the end of that one. Finally, baby boy was induced on 10th Sept 2002, coz we wanted to avoid the infamous date.

Anyway, meanwhile, we went out for dinner with Woman I Am Scared Of, with wife, of course, as WIASO was craving char kueh teow in an aircond setting. I think there's a direct correlation between cleanliness and ambience, and taste. The grimier the place, the better the taste. Had dinner at Penang Village, in Desa Hartamas. My assam laksa was passable, (forgot to bring camera AGAIN!), wife's prawn mee was supposedly good, the petai sambal was excellent, as was the soft shell crabs. WIASO's char kueh teow was average. Their sago desserts were good though. Very unhealthy this week, have eaten out every night since Saturday.

Went for RPM with Herny again. The new release. Have no basis for comparisons, as I am new, but suffice to say, it was hell as usual. The body combat class, replaced by someone, was shocking empty. Only 6 people. When FCI used to teach that slot, it was packed like sardines. Even when regular instructor (the one with the ring of power around his neck)teaches, it's quite crowded. Poor replacement instructor. Hope she wasnt slighted.


Venetia said…
Have to apologise here - was gonna say hello first before posting, then fore-jot!! Sorry sorry... was directed here by SIL (who shares the same surname as hubby-wubby). Fun reading and good info, esp. for one-who-is-learning-to-bake har har... want to wish safe delivery to wife! Lotsa bdays in March huh, which includes me mum, and a few uncles... ta!

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