Plagued With Suicidal Guilt

It's Friday, and I've only been to the gym TWICE this week. And I've only done ONE GX class!!! And it's FRIDAY!!!!!!!! ARGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Shades suggested I throw myself out the window, but I said there are grills, and I'm on the first floor, so it won't do much good. He then suggested that I might get killed trying to squeeze through the grills. And he wonders why he is the holder of only ONE F*I title. Also, he put before me a very tough dilemma. WHICH launch class will I attend tomorrow at MRB? Will it be Body Step, at 5pm, with FSI and Macho Nippon Lady, (change to Lady la, MN Woman sounds so rude), OR Body Combat at 6pm with FCI and FPI? Choices choices. I need to pray about it tonight.

The reason why I had to skip Body Step during lunch was coz I had lunch with Best Friend from Melbourne. aka King of the Chinese Aussies. Okaylah, can still go for step at any other time I guess, so the "sacrifice" wasn't all that great. It wasn't like Abraham sacrificing Isaac kinda thing. So I shan't make a big deal out of it. By the time it was evening, the choices were RPM (argh, can't IMAGINE doing it two days consecutively), Body Step with someone else, (which is like adultery) I opted for a nap.

At night, after dinner, brought the kids to BSC, coz there is this skating rink that has been set up, that LOOKS like ice, but is actually for roller blading. Okaylah, RM7 for unlimited time, and skates as well.... darling girl had a gala time. Strange how the kids all have diversely different interests. Boy no 1 was engrossed in his aquarium books in Times. Baby boy was in deep slumber at home.


Pick Yin said…
BC 27 is awesome. Enjoy! :D
fatboybakes said…
yar, not bad hor, BC 27. good sweat.

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