Society Wedding of The Year

It was boy no1's real birthday, so we brought him out for lunch at Unique Seafood, which has 50% off dim sum on weekdays. Not bad lah, considering the hefty discount. The fact that it's pork free kinda adds a dampener to it, but heck, with 50% off, can't really be too choosy. Also, "renovated" his leftover birthday cake, which was that dry chocolate cake, and turned it into a Black Forest Cake, by whacking on Kirsch, (cherry liqeur), dark canned cherries, and fresh cream. Well, the kids loved the "renovated" cake. (the term renovated was coined by boy no1, in this context)

Kids at Unique Seafood Aquaria

Had to leave for wedding of the year (part two of Saturday morning nuptials, the one with the church ceremony in the Mandarin Oriental Cathedral) quite early, so once again, couldn't make it for body attack in axis. And since elbow still screwed, couldn't go for pump either, but really needed to work out that 50% discounted dim sum lunch, so ended up doing the unthinkable. TREADMILL!!! I guess it's not so bad, I used to do the treadmill before becoming a group exercise junkie, and even after body pump on mondays, (lisa, mr robot) I would spend about half an hour on those infernal machines.

Oldest friend (architect) and chinese wife (lawyer) were on time for the car pool, in fact, they were early, while godma, who's usually punctual, was late, expecting them to be late. While in the car, Bangkok Lawyer from Seedy Company called to catch up on the latest "news" in KL, and our group of friends. Apparently it's a ritual call he makes to godma every now and then. Back when Bkk lawyer was in town, he was the defacto patriarch of our group. It's heart warming to see that he still takes an interest in his flock.

The wedding reception was at the Marriott. Glittering gowns, dripping diamonds, (not on our motley group la), very ladida. Our little corner was racuous and full of cacophony, but not as loud as a table of ladies nearby. Also on our table was the MBBS lawyers, (masters of bitching, biting sarcasm), tall and short, Bride's neighbours, and a dentist. Obviously, since KL is so small, not everything can be blogged. Met a lot of mutual friends, and for a Monday night, it was a jolly affair. Great music, great food, (well, apart for the duck and yam, which tasted like blotting paper with duck skin), and the almond dessert, which was laced with almond essence, (which I usually like), but went overboard and was bordering on kerosene flavour. The speeches, montage etc were tastefully done, not too overboard, and not tacky. None of those baby shots, with naked romps in the bathtub etc. The food presentation was somewhat unique, and was led by a couple dressed as Chinese Opera Thespians. It's a change from the normal Star Wars theme or Axel Fowley theme or Be our Guest!!!

Ballroom decked out With Lanterns

The COD fish, I have to say, must have been the piece de resistance. I don't even LIKE cod, ordinarily, but this piece, was huge, (maybe it was named Willy), and was done to almost near perfection. Very rare to find good FISH in a chinese wedding dinner.

And parked right in front, was this little gem of a wedding car.


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