Still No Sign Of Popping

[fatboyrecipes updated with Orange Sour Cream Poppy Seed Cake recipe for Anonymous]

All you friends out there who have been asking, thanks, but nope, them contractions have notchyet begun. We are waiting with bated breath.

Nothing particularly interesting happened yesterday. Have kinda made a new friend through the blog, via Shades. An RPM and BP instructor whom I've yet to meet, but who reckons chances of meeting are slim.

After work, went to the gym, though I was highly reluctant to do so, coz I was lazy, and there were not classes that ngam me. And I was too lazy to troop to Axis for Body Attack. So, ended up doing the treadmill again. Half way through, the battery from MP3 player (cant afford an Ipod) konked out, so had to watch CNN. Honestly, if it weren't for the group exercise, I'd have cancelled my membership a long long time ago, I reckon. If I am gonna be jogging, or walking, give me lake gardens or bukit kiara any day man. As for weights, I guess I could carry baby boy along for an added workout. Do some squats with him on my shoulder.

Family dinner brought forward to yesterday, coz parents have something on tonite. So after the gym, was wondering whether to make dessert. Saw that there were loads of juicy oranges around the house, so decided to make an Orange Sour Cream Poppy Seed Cake. Apart from the fact that the sour cream wasn't properly mixed into the cake, resulting in some creamy lumps, it turned out okay.

Went to Tesco to jalan jalan..... it closes at 11pm on weeknights, and is quite an interesting place. Anyway, the wife needed to "work out" the dinner, so the walk was good.


Anonymous said…
can u please share the recipe for the orange sour poppy seed cake? it looks good...
all-aboard! said…
did you purposely say 'poppy' and 'popping' within 10 words of each other?

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