Tennis Elbow but Not from Tennis

I think this is probably what tennis elbow feels like. Except, mine is on my left elbow, and I am a right hander, AND I haven't played tennis for years, ever since the plantar fascitis gave problems. I am trying to think where I first got the injury, it started off as a niggling pain last week, but after pump last night, it's like a full fledge pain, even hurts to lift the newspaper. The arm feels fine for biceps, triceps, and even the chest track, but hurts like hell for upright row in much so I was reduced to doing just the right arm, only to be "barked" at by the instructor, who was replacing ROBOT, (it was Myke), who said, "two arms please"....yar, like I dunno that you're supposed to use two hands. Heh heh. Then he made a passing remark about "one arm big one arm small". Lionheart would have loved the workout as all his "favourite tracks", namely all the horsy songs, were played.

Since I was in pain, I didn't bother staying on for combat, and got home by about 7.15pm. Wasn't intending to make any dessert for family dinner, since everyone is complaining about their increasing girth.....I didn't know Lent begins today either, but yesterday's dessert is called EVE'S PUDDING. Because of the apples. (but let me clarify to the non believers out there, nowhere in the good book is the forbidden fruit referred to as an apple). Oh, ya, got home, saw the oven running, (for the roast ribs), so I thought shouldn't let all that energy go to waste. And I've been meaning to try this recipe for the longest time, as it looks very easy. It WAS easy. Took all of 10 minutes to put together. (of course, the maid had to skin the apples la).

Below, the finished product. I served it with a pouring custard (aka Vanilla Sauce) and whatever leftover ice cream there was from Saturday night's party, (all of one spoonful). Verdict: Not bad, for a quick fix.

After dinner, I was told that this conversation ensued:

Boy no 1: Mummy, there's a letter from school.
Wife : Oh? Why don't you read it?
[contents of the letter is roughly : Please be informed that the school will be closed for the mid term break from 11th March to 19th March]

Boy: (reluctantly)....[very slow pace, he's only just started reading] ....Pleeea se beeee informed thaaat the school will be kuh-losed....[long pause]....FOREVER.

Even my dad had to laugh.


yhsmom said…
So it was basically the same tracks as on Friday, no?
fatboybakes said…
yar, basically same i guess. but my memory is quite bad, like a goldfish, when it comes to these things, especially pump, so it's okay lah.

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