Usable Skills In Life

It suddenly occured to me last night I have very few marketable skills in this life. Case in point was when the shower pipe in the kid's room sprung a leak, last night. As you can see from the water flow, this was no ordinary leak. Of course, being very waste conscious people, we started takung-ing the waters into buckets, bathtubs, etc to use to clean the floor or what not.

The leak reminds me of that English Comprehension story in standard 3, about the little brave boy Hans in Holland, who stuck his finger in the leaking dyke (the walls that keep off the sea, not the other type), to prevent the leak from getting bigger and flooding the entire village. Does anyone else remember that story?

Anyway, I couldn't stick my finger into any orifice to prevent the gushing waters, so the only solution I could think of was to shut of the mains.

Which then got me thinking that it would not be such a bad idea to take up a plumbing course. There are many benefits to being a certified plumber, among them:
1. Easy points for PR application to Australia
2. Can save water
3. It's become quite glamourous after Desperate Housewives' debut.
4. It'll impress boy no 1 no end.
5. Probably a good workout.

Speaking of boy no 1, I don't know WHERE he suddenly got his southern drawl from. Yesterday he asked me if I was "gonna make bananah cream pah (banana cream pie) for dessert".

Was tooooo lazy to drag the butt to the gym yesterday, so even forewent FCI's class at 6.45pm. Which come to think of it, I shouldn't have skipped, since his days at that time slot, in MRB are numbered. (he's only a replacement for this month, apparently). But perhaps seeing how packed his classes are, they might want to think about keeping him there in that slot.

I notice Shades was pimping yet another instructor in his post yesterday.


all-aboard! said…
i remember that story well... i had a book with illustrations too.. won't ever forget the picture of the boy huddled up against the dyke while the waves pounded..

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