We Do Need Another Hero

[The title of today's post was not meant to refer to a certain other entry that I've linked to today, coincidental as it may sound]

A loud scream pierced through the entire street, snapping me out of my day dream reverie. Glanced out the window to see a snatch thieving in process...the villain was hopping onto the passing motorbike, and the victim was running after him screaming louder than a woman in labour. Very effective, as everyone stood there riveted at the scene. I ran downstairs, by which time, of course, the perpertrators of this evil crime had vanished. I am surprised they got away. Some good samaritans did give chase. The road side cobbler could have flung a shoe at the motorbike, and hit him on the head. I guess it's easy to say in retrospect. A terrified sweet young thing, handbag draped over her hand, asked me to accompany her to her car, which was parked in some alley. I told her she was an IDEAL candidate for snatch thievery. (and pick pocketing as well, come to that). One of those handbags, stuff protruding out, from expensive handphone to lipstick.

Hmm, I can't remember if this was before or after Body Step at lunch. Anyway, I'm not sure if its coz I'm ageing exponentially, but I actually find all the new releases, ie, Step, Combat and Attack (no need to mention RPM lah, that one is hell on wheels regardless), a lot tougher. Should be trying pump tonight, as it's Shades farewell class in MRB. Speaking of Shades, it's worth checking out his post today, which depending on your taste, you'd find either hilarious, or tacky. I actually found it the former.

Suffice to say, I am pretty sure that if wife had done body step yesterday, she's have gone into labour immediately, with all those squats. In fact, FSI actually made some references during the squat tracks about it being the ideal position for birthing. Wonder how come he knows so much. The other reference was during the conditioning, when legs were in the air for the sit ups. Very imaginative, these young instructors.

Had to rush to the post office this morning, coz yesterday I found out :

Didn't want to be driving wife around whilst contractions were happening, illegally with an expired license. To my pleasant surprise, the whole process, from the time I entered the very freezing post office, to the completion of the renewal, took less than 5 minutes.


yhsmom said…
Eh FSI said today that he is also getting very impatient about when the little miss is going to make her apprearance! Said he's been waiting for the good news since last week!
fatboybakes said…
aiya, tell FSI sorry lah, not like i have control over these things. baker can only pop the bun in oven, how long it takes to cook doesnt necessarily follow recipe timing ma...

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