Baby Is One Week Old

My Little Princess

I cannot believe that last week, this time, baby hadn't even been born yet, and I was probably eating nasi lemak at the hospital cafetaria.

Anyway, on Friday, decided to skip gym, coz 1. FPI is no longer teaching pump there, 2. our church's new senior pastor was to visit our cell group that night, and since I was the host, I thought I better make sure I was at home on time, and prepare supper. The sponge cakes I made with the new found cake mixer stand turned out quite well, and using an idea inspired by AL, (another RPM instructor), I layered it with a mixture of oreos and whipped cream, and another layer of chocolate cream, topped with a chocolate ganache. For the savouries, made a luncheon meat and mushroom quiche. The cell group meeting went well, though initially the few of us present were a bit stressed, coz 1. evil twin gave wrong directions, and the church administrator and pastor got lost, 2. hardly anyone showed up on time, so we were a bit panicked for numbers.

The sponge interspersed with oreo cream and chocolate cream.

A quiche is just a quiche

Darn! Has everyone forgotten I exist since the baby came along?!!

Dinner hosted by Lionheart. (FGXC fong fei kei. FCI's "friend" also fong fei kei).

The fried eggs with sharksfin sang choi pau. Yummy.

Saturday morning, brought kids to Ikano and Ikea, while parents shopped in Tesco. Then had to ferry daughter for music class (kid no 1, not the baby daughter), in Old Klang Road, so spent the hour roaming around Parkson, Giant, and Central Hypermarket. Have earmarked a reflexology place to go to next saturday, within the Central complex. I also discovered, over the weekend, that there is no such thing as the ANTARTIC ocean. Here I was teaching daughter the name of the five oceans in a sing song way, ARCTIC, ALTANTIC, ANTARTIC, PACIFIC and INDIAN. Groan.

Did body step class with Kenny, (1st time doing his body step), which was excellent. Very exhausting. Lion heart was also there. Very crowded class. Lionheart was hosting dinner, so asked if he would like me to bring dessert. He mentioned his wife was craving Nigella's chocolate cake, but oh well, that would have been tough, since it needs quite a while to prepare, so anyway, decided to prepare my signature flourless chocolate cakes to bring instead. I am seriously impressed with my own efficiency. Got back from Step at 6.20pm, and managed to produce the cakes all boxed and packed by 7.25pm. Thank you thank you, no need for applause.

Dinner was at this tai chau called Thong Kee, near the old Ruby Cinema. Excellent food, so much so I completely forgot to take pictures, save for the 2nd dish. Excellent food and company, thank you Lionheart and wife for graciously hosting. Yhsmom & Mr Yhsmom was there too, and gave the loveliest little dress for baby daughter. So sweet of her. Instructors present were FPI & shades gf, FCI, FSI and FFBI. (future favourite balance instructor). Of course, lots of insight into the gym members, instructors, etc etc....that cannot be repeated here. I wish I took a pic of the tai chau's dessert. A lovely refreshing jelly and fruit concoction that assails the senses with it's tanginess and zest.

Sunday - Church as usual. Very fascinating sermon on the Da Vinci Code. The speaker is one of those ppl you either like, or dislike, coz he can be hard to follow. So happens, I like his style, and his cryptic references and wit. (actually, the sermon wasn't ON the DVC, but rather, an explanation of the fallacies within).

A stream of visitors came by in the afternoon, including Young Lawyer and Young Sweet Wife, Tzuanne, Mrs Pit Lim, Greatest American Hero, (who spent an inordinate amount of time entertaining the kids, he is such a dear....he patiently explained the principles of water levels vs gravity to the boy, how pumps work, etc etc. AND played badminton with daughter). In laws also came by.

Greatest American Hero teaching physics to the kids.

Went for evening walk at Bt Kiara, very good sweat. Jogged part of the way. It's actually easier to jog uphill for some strange reason, instead of walking.

Went for family dinner at this charming little italian restaurant in SS2, called Buonsera. The best part about this place is, they serve pork, so they have lovely Caesar salad with real bacon bits in it, and pork sausages, etc etc. The chef is an affable man, who personally takes your order. With a RM15 corkage, I highly recommend it as a nice place to spend the evening with good friends....who are allowed to eat pork.


boo_licious said…
Looked like it was a busy weekend for you. Been ages since I ate at Thong Kee - must give that a try one day.
fatboybakes said…
yup busy busy! yar, try thong kee lah, and let us hear your review.
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