I Need A Break After the Public Holiday

The kids had an even busier long weekend than I did. Their grandparents brought them to Port Dickson on Monday morning, (most schools were shut coz of sports day on saturday), where they looked like they had a gala time, ....even visited the Military Museum, by the looks of it.

At night, it was DISNEY ON ICE. The organisers of these events really need to rethink their pricing strategy. On the eve of a public holiday, the massive traffic jam outside the stadiums turned out to be a red herring, and was no indication of the crowd within the stadium....must be the usual after work crawl in that area. The stadium was only a bout 1/3rd full. Well, with that kind of pricing, I'm hardly surprised. Rink side seats cost in excess of RM200. For a family of four, that's nearly a thousand bucks. How many people can afford to blow RM1000 on a 2 hour show, that was actually very mediocre???

Godpa and Godma came along, which was nice, at least I didnt have to worry about bringing the kids to the toilet in case one wanted to go. Of course, at this kinda place, the slaughter knives are out and gleaming. A box of popcorn costs RM10, and a bag of candy floss RM15. Godpa who wanted to reminisce his childhood, bought two bags of candly floss. Anyway, the kids seemed to enjoy the show, although by the last scene, baby boy was like completely pooped.

TUESDAY - Public Holiday (Prophet Muhammad's Birthday).

Champagne, bacon, pork sausages.....is there any more sacrilegous way to celebrate the public holiday??? Well, that's what we had for the champagne brunch, in honor of Mr CIMB Lielector's birthday. 11 bottles of champagne, 45 slices of bacon, 22 sausages, 12 slabs of pan seared foie gras, 24 eggs, 1 quiche, salads, and a bowl of strawberries. For about 14 people. Of which 11 were drinkers.

5 bottles finished halfway through the brunch

In my state of inebriation, I had to make a cake for Godpa's surprise birthday party, which was held at EY Strongman's house. Quite a logistic exercise, keeping the entire event a surprise. But well worth it. Twas a lovely dinner, with way too much food. Nice to catch up with everyone after a long time.


Anonymous said…
Gosh your BabyBoy kinda reminds me of 'Crayon Shin Shan' from the Japanese comic/cartoon series. So cute and adorable!
fatboybakes said…
whoooo is crayon shin shan?? such a cute name!!!

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