Partying Till She Pops

On Friday evening, at about 5pm, ( I had to fetch the kids from their Mandarin Class at 4.30pm, hence was home at that hour), wifey suddenly announced that we had to go to the hospital, or something to that effect......based on one of the following:

That article is taken from this book:

And we went based on this premise:

As it turns out, it was a false alarm, and after sms-ing Shades to inform him that I could not attend his last pump class in MRB, we were told by the doctor to go back and wait until the water bag bursts or contractions begin. So had to re-sms my dinner host and tell her we were coming for dinner after all.

Part of the reason for dinner was to help out for the wedding decorations for the impending wedding of our dear friend, Woman Marrying Gwai Low, who had her hen night cum birthday celebration recently. Recruited for the task of cutting out paper butterflies, and decorating them, was basically the Red Planet Team.

After a scrumptious dinner, it was time for labour. Not the natal sort, that required lots of breathing and pushing, but real, good old fashioned menial labour. Hands on getting hands dirty kind. Cutting stacks of colored paper into butterfly shapes, and subsequently pasting on sequins, glitter and dazzling flowers in the usual Deepavali shades of gold, silver and red. Wife was probably thinking she might have preferred the other type of labour, but it was fun, sitting around the production line, chit chatting and with Red Planet entertaining us with his vitriolic wit. Classic remark of the night was, "if i got a dollar everytime Miss D called KAK, I'd be a millionaire", referring to the hostess's penchant for calling her maid with a rather frequent frequency.

Check out the production team.

Versace Butterfly?

Check out the creativity of the guys. After dropping the wife home, adjourned to join Mr Lielector and sweet wife for what I THOUGHT was gonna drinks at this newly opened wine bar cum wine shop next to La Risata. But as Mr Lielector was pooped, from earning all that moolah, we decided against opening a whole new bottle, so I had to content myself with plain water. Which is not really a bad thing while on standby, waiting for wife to pop.

Saturday Morning, April 1 - Sent an sms to Evil Twin and Mr Pit, telling them I am switching churches. Both fell for the April Fool's joke hook line and sinker. Received sms from LTA saying that Mr Pit looked rather sad at the news. Awww, how sweet.

While I have nothing against April the First, you know how cruel kids can be, taunting in school etc, so I was kinda hoping that baby will hold on till past midnight. The day went on as usual. Decided to go for Body Step with FSI on saturday morning, since I wasn't sure which other exercise class I could attend later on. Lion Heart was there. FSI had lost his gym bag the day before. Poor chappie. Hope you find/have found your gym bag, FSI.

Brought kids for music class in the afternoon, normally purview of the wife, got back, had a nap, made some ondeh ondeh since boy no1 has been bugging me for it, and rushed off for Body Combat in the evening with LCI. (longest combat instructor. (as in he's been my instructor for the longest time)). Was late, thanks to the ondeh ondeh, but made it in time to catch the tail end of warm up. Great class though. Not too crowded, unlike FCI's classes, which wreak of sweat and body heat.

Sat night, brought mother for dinner at RIBLEE's in Tmn Sea, where they serve pork ribs. Dad away for Qing Bing. After that was drinks at Finnegans for sister's birthday, which actually falls on 2nd April. By 10pm, wife and I were pretty confident that the kid would safely pass the April Fool's date, when one of the guests at the party told us that for his wife's 3rd labor, from the time water bag burst to delivery took only 45 minutes......which of course, made us a bit more panicky. Not to mention the Kilkenny buy 2 one free offer that was going on, kinda was making my head a bit woozy.

Aneeeway, as the good Lord has ordained, baby did not come on April the 1st.

Sis cutting birthday cake in Finnegans.

Sunday - Still no signs of popping, so church as usual, in fact, everythign as usual, down to the coffee shop lunch after church. Was very tired, dunno why, so napped instead of going for body step with BSI. (blond step instructor). Actually, he's slowly turning black from blond. After nap, felt terribly guilty for not exercising, so went for the walk in Bt Kiara, where bumped into young looking but old doctor, and brisk walked with him. Did the circuit in about 40 minutes, which is not bad.

Sister's birthday dinner at the Mandarin Oriental. Excellent food, though forgot to take pictures, except of the starter.

Lovely cheese cake for birthday cake..... from another hotel.

Here's a picture of baby boy hugging his baby sister, at the dinner party.

So, she has really partied till she pops, both mother and child.

So folks, tomorrow, 3rd April 2006 is D Day. We're off to the hospital, if nothing happens tonight, at 6am tomorrow, to check in for inducing. Hence the blog update on a Sunday night.

Appreciate your prayers for a safe, uncomplicated delivery, and a healthy happy baby.

God Bless!!!!


jacqui_woo said…
my nephew was born april 1st but i haven't heard about the boy being taunted that much for it. maybe malaysian kids aren't as bad as kids we see on tv. our prayers for a safe delivery!!
Pick Yin said…
we'll all be waiting be bated breath for the good news. all will go well. :)
yw[2k] said…
I'll be praying for the safe delivery of your baby girl :)
yhsmom said…
Me too! Hope everything goes well!:)
What a sweet picture of Boy 2 and BL!
Venetia said…
All will be well!! Peace and joy always - do send our warmest to Mummy.
DR-Combat said…
All the best to the mummy and daddy! FBB, good to hear that you are having a great balance in exercising and food consumption. You'll need the extra energy and stamina pretty soon! :D


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