List Of Desserts For Sale

Okay, this isn't going to make me rich, but no harm making a few bucks on the side from a hobby. If I was a talented musician, I'd probably be a part time lounge pianist in some seedy bar.

I am NOT a talented cook by any yardstick. However, since friends and fellow floggers (food bloggers) have been asking, it is with great reluctance that I have to put a price tag to these products:


Chocolate Tart - Literally half baked, this tart comprises a bottom layer of baked chocolate, and a layer of melted chocolate ganache. Goes well with fresh cream, to combat the sweetness of the tart.
Price : RM50 for normal chocolate, RM80 for imported chocolate and Valhorna ganache
Lead time : 1 day
Refrigeration : Yes

Chocolate Oreo Cake : Layers of Chocolate Sponge interspersed with chocolate cream, and oreo biscuits in fresh cream. Topped with a layer of chocolate sauce. A hit with the kids and adults alike. Must be served cold.

Price : RM50
Lead Time: 1 day

Orange Sour Cream Poppy Seed Cake : Unlike normal orange poppy seed cake, the sour cream gives it that extra dense-ness which might appeal to some palates. However, the normal variey sans sour cream is also available. A dollop of pure clotted cream will not go amiss.

Price : RM 45
Lead Time : 1 day
Refrigeration : Not necessary

Durian Poppy Seed Cake : Obviously, a seasonal cake, depending on availability of the King of Fruits. And not palatable to everyone, for obvious reasons. A dense, filling cake, uniquely Malaysian, and goes exceedingly well with good coffee. Should be served with the Durian Cream, or pure cream, if you do not want to be overwhelmed.

Price : RM60
Durian Cream : RM15 per tub of 500gm
Lead Time : 2 days, subject to availability of the fruit
Refrigeration : First 2 days not required. Cream of course needs refrigeration.

Black Forest Cake : Favourite Classic. Chocolate Sponge with Pitted Dark Cherries, and an abundance of whipped cream. Only dairy cream, of course, none of that "non dairy" stuff. Kirsch/liquer optional.

Price : RM55
Lead Time : 1 day
Refrigeration : Yes

Tiramisu Torte : Layers of Coffee Chiffon with mascarporne cream filling, chocolate chips, and generous portions of Kahlua and Coffee for that added alcoholic zing. Non alcoholic versions can be made, but really, what's the point. Topped with caramelised almonds.

Price : RM60
Lead Time : 2 days
Refrigeration : Definitely

Scones For Afternoon Tea: Buttery melt in the mouth texture. Should be served warm, with clotted cream, jam and butter. And tea.

Price : RM2 per scone
Lead Time : half a non working day
Refrigeration : Well, best to order for the day you intend to serve

Flourless Chocolate Cake With Molten Centres: Two variations. One with the molten centres, one without, but served with chocolate sauce. Tastes the same, molten centres more for effect. But if not serving immediately, might fail to have that effect. Flourless? Yup, held together by almond meal and eggs. And obscene amounts of chocolate.

Price : RM 5 each
Lead Time : 1 day
Refrigeration : after one day, yeah.

Apple Pie : Comes with two options for apple filling. One zesty one, with lemon rind, the other the traditionally sweeter one, with raisins and sultanas. Buttery shortcrust pastry, goes well with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream

Price: RM 50
Lead time : 1 day
Refrigeration : Guess so.

Orange Mocha Chocolate Brownie : Sinfully rich chocolate brownie. What more can I say? Some find it too sweet, but the sugar content can be adjusted. Subtle orangey tang. Serve with cream, or ice cream, WARM.

Price : RM50
Lead Time : 1 day
Refrigeration : Well, if not served after a day, then yes.

Sour Cream Lemon Pistachio Cake : Dense, tangy lemony cake, with crunchy bits of pistachio. Ideal tea time cake, or dessert cake with fresh cream and fruit.

Price : RM50
Lead Time : 1 day
Refrigeration : After a day

Lemon Tart : So far the most popular selling item. Tangy flavour assails your palate. Not for those with low sourness tolerance index.

Price : RM50
Lead Time : 1 day
Refrigeration : After 1 day

Lemon Meringue Pie : Classic pie of old. Again, not for those with low sourness tolerance index. Sweetness of the meringue somewhat neutralises the lemon curd, but it is an acquired taste.

Price : RM50
Lead Time : 1 day
Refrigeration : Yes

Peach and Banana Crumble/Apple Crumble/Peach and Apple Crumble: Old time classic favourite, fruits covered with a crunchy layer of crumble, with oats, and muesli, to give it an appearance of healthiness. Serve with ice cream, cream or custard sauce.

Price : RM50 per 8inch round tray
Lead Time : Half a day, depending on filling

HOW TO ORDER: Well, drop me a line in the comment section. Comments are forwarded to my email address automatically.

PICK UP : Somewhere in Bangsar


snowdrop said…
oh wow, they all look delicious, as always. and really fair prices too! all the best in your commercial venture, fatboybakes :)
Jackson said…
Congratulation, fatboybakes! You will b rich soon!
Anonymous said…
I am soooooooo impressed. yes, i actually read your website once in a while, now that all our things are finally loaded for moving. I can foresee you opening up a bakery shop.
HL said…
what about wedding cakes? ;)
fatboybakes said…
dear cakes? hmmm, have to brush up on the decorating skills first la.

anonymous, thanks. do i know you? i dont foresee opening a bakery though...
HL said…
do you deliver to HK? :D
ych said…
everything is served with cream ah?
dr. fu manchu said…
eh, can deliver to SF ah?
I hear fedex does overnight international shipping!
:) nic&fan
fatboybakes said…
harlow, fu manchu!!! so nice to hear from you!!! yar, well, only if its a durian cake order, then can fedex!!! that'll kill them.
Anonymous said…
yes, you do know me. i love your durian poppy seed cake..... amongst other things.....
Anonymous said…
Ah, finally, I got it (posting comment).
K here. Btw, I m interested in your tiramisu and scones. What is the MOQ for scones, does it come with fresh cream and fresh strawberry cream. If you are making scones for any orders, please call me. I want to add in 6pcs.
DK said…
Wooo Hoo .. FINALLY you relent!! OK .. one apple pie anytime next week (got enough Indon layer cake for this week ...) and then one of them sour lemon pie (??) on the 22nd for my cell group! DK
Anonymous said…
oooh! how exciting! we have actually rubbed shoulders with the celebrity chef. Remember us ... your poor aquaintances when you are suppling cakes to the royalty and celebrities!
Chin Wei Sin said…
When will the mail order for overseas customers be available??
Anonymous said…
how can I order for Saturday
fatboybakes said…
hi anonymous, can either place your order here, and i'll let you know if it can be done, or email me at
Anonymous said…
Hello there, thanks for responding, I've emailed you my order - hope we can try your cakes this weekend!
steven toh said…
hey cy, further to ytrday's marketing box idea, i have another ... y dnt u cut them cakes in tiny squares in diff flavour & arrangement them in some suchi type black box with wrapper. black n white square cakes would be interesting ... call them ebony & ivory or something.
fatboybakes said…
well, actually the packaging idea is more "heng" in japan and hong kong. us malaysians are more down to earth, i'd like to think. taste first, packaging secondary. not to say that presentation is not important la though.
Chancletika said…
mmmmm i´m hungry!!!
fatboybakes said…
chancletika....the best cure for hunger is to eat ;;)
Anonymous said…
with regards to the packaging, its hasnt really taken off here as much as in HK & Jap. guess that there is so much competiton there, branding, presentation,differentation is a must. At this moment, I m only interested at the Cakes lol.
Dont forget my order,ok?
steven toh said…
hmmm fatboy & anon ... u guys got a point bout packaging being more of a hk & jap thing. however, as u said differentiation is a must. i tink 1 of the ksf for fatboy's semi comm venture has got to do with the fact tht he sells his stuff frm a blog. though nothing new in other parts of the world, it is relatively new here. also another ksf is posting ur stuff a nice pictures - eye (& later tummy) candy makes for a delectable selling presentation. so i tot to complement what u already have, u shld have some interesting prods with ur distinctive style ... as in oni fatboy makes em' like dat. some more u do sell em' to cafes & such ... makes a stronger impact both in the mind & the tummy. but yes, of course taste comes 1st.
Meiyen said…
wow... you are good! they looks so yummy especially da chocolate oreo cake! *drool*
Anonymous said…
Yeah, Steve ..saw yours post. I hope i read ur message right.Anyways, what can FBB do to differentiate? he is just starting out... any ideas? FBB trademark? Or FBB's recommendation? At this moment, taste and cake presentation is important, bcos its going to be in our stomach. :)
fatboybakes said…
thank you all for your comments. someone did suggest i trademark the name FBB. anyway, i'm still working on presentation lar.
steven toh said…
fatboy & kit, there are some ideas swimming in my head now.

but the main one i tink is that fatboy needs to have a particular product that is unique to him.

as for presentation, maybe fatboy could make a teeny-weeny-logo chopped / smacked on every dessert he makes ... i suggest ... to plok his blogsite add on it ... somehow ... that one fatboy gotta tink how.

to induce ppl to check out the site, it could be accompanied with a little riddle of sorts ... where the answer is only found on the site. IT savvy bloggers dig brain teasers!

as kit says, fatboy is only starting up, so awareness is the main key at this stage.

in any case, i tink fatboy himself is already on a niche differentiation strategy. as his order list professes, "we are the tailors of dessert". this is a differentition strategy.

anyways, i m oni throwing ideas around ... brainstroming, if u will.

wah, ur chilled cheesecake looks interesting.

pls. post pictures, that's wat sells cakes!
Anonymous said…
Hehe, what about a little paw print logo for a start.
FBB, go get some stickers with your website and or telephone address.. stick on the box lol.
Yaiks, did u all see the latest dessert available?? The picture of Grandma loaf and the toffee cake is killing me (bcos i dont get to eat it , its a see no touch)!!
steven toh said…
anon kit, i tried the sticky dates toffee (fatboy, i also tink dat it is caramel) dessert recently in aussieland.

i tink it is the same. the taste was like WOOOYOOO! it came with a big scoop of vanilla ice-cream. warm dessert with cold2 ice-cream!

needless to say i finished the dessert even though my tummy was full after a big aussie-sized dinner.

too bad it's see no touch for you.
Anonymous said…
Steven, You are horrible, stomach growling hard!... FBB is going for trip, he cant churn out the sinful ones for me... i have enough orders on the 1st Oct, 2nd Oct, 8th Oct to keep him busy.Support him mah! Think i m going to ask for bulk discount! Hey, what do u think, if some1 gets me a cake on the 8th, I should order scones/crumble for the tea party?
steven toh said…
wah got cake oridi somemore 1 2 get scones or crumble-ah?

isn't that too much of a good thing?

anyway, if u ask me ... i tink cake & scones may be too gelak. a lot of butter-mah.

if u really 1 2, then go for the crumble ... fruity taste can help relieve some of the richness of the butter from the cake.

apple or peach ... citrus type fruit shld be gud.

aiyo i m becoming a blogging addict ... dis blog oso becoming like between anon & i oni! = p
Anonymous said…
Steve, we love to eat!! We will soon filled his blog with our experience with his cakes. haha. I have a party of a dozen ppl to take care of mah. I take ur advise, go for the crumble. baskin n robbins + crumble, and coffee, finger food by my aunt..Next week ono be makaning cakes cakes cakes..
steven toh said…
m i invited? =D

wife & i would gladly take some of the cakes, scones & esp. baskin robbins ice-cream from u.

where 2 pick up? lol
Anonymous said…
Hehe, definitely can!! No take away services! maybe next year Steve, I can invite you n ur wifey to eat all the scones, cakes(made by the already famous FBB-hope he wont forget us when he has gone mass production), and I can throw in an affagato (fresh coffee fr Arabica beans from brewed my new semi auto espresso maker ). This year, I have 4 birthday parties for myself, I cant cope leh!
Anonymous said…
Had my 1st bday cake made by FBB-carrot cake, less sweet. My colleagues loved it during the lunch party. I may have missed the cheese frosting, but there will always be another chance lo!!
Tonite's 2nd round, I ll have Banana sponge cake (with nuts on the side). FBB, must be swearing like hell, whilst trying to put the nuts on the sides painstakingly. Thanks!
snowylostpuppy said…
Wah! you are indeed multi-talented. I am totally impressed with your website and am hoping that you would take me as your apprentice ;)

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