Updated June 13th

Apologies for the lack of updates. The bad thing about offering oneself commercially is it takes up any spare time for experimenting of new items.

A summary price list is available further down the page.

Anyway, a few new offerings, but with no photos are:

CHILLED DURIAN CHEESECAKE - Seasonal, subject to durian availability, and best to give as much notice as possible. RM60

CHILLED MARS BAR CHEESECAKE - A treat for those who love the mars bar. We have tried not to make it overly sweet though, and bulk of the sweetness comes from the Mars Bars themselves. RM60

BAKED LEMON CHEESECAKE WITH BLUEBERRY TOPPING - Tangy lemon cheesecake, combatted with the sweet blueberry topping. RM60

Revision in Price: 7 ¾ inch diameter Chicken & Mushroom Pie (contains one whole chicken), RM60.

Other than that, menu remains unchanged.


Who can say no to chocolate, unless.....

Anyway, these are the chocolate varieties.

Clockwise, from Left Top :

Chocolate Oreo Cake - Chocolate sponge with a layer of crushed oreo (one whole pack), rich chocolate cream. Very universal, and easy pleaser. RM50

Chocolate Mud Cake - A dense chocolate cake that goes straight to the hips. Should be accompanied with sour cherries, and fresh cream to counter the richness that is chocolate. RM55. Optional - Brandy/ Cointreau (add RM10)

Chocolate Jaffa Tart - A hint of orange, literally half baked. Lower half of chocolate layer is baked, upper layer is a rich ganache flavoured with orange rind. RM50

Chocolate Truffle Cake - Flourless, contains about half a kilo of chocolate, at least. Fairly light, but yet rich, with minimal added sugar. Recommended to add brandy for that added oomph. RM50. (Add RM10 for brandy)

Flourless Chocolate Cakes With Molten Centres - Alas, the lava does not stay molten forever. You need to zap cooled cakes for about 20-30 seconds to re-melt the centres. Minimum order, 10. RM5 per piece.

Orange Mocha Chocolate Brownie - Very safe, so far no complaints by eaters. Goes superbly with vanilla ice cream, or dollop of fresh cream. Not a very high cake, so it might look small, but guaranteed to fill you up. RM50


Mascarporne, cream cheese, cheddars, you don't have to be a mouse to enjoy cheese.

Clockwise from Left Top:

Baked Orange/Lemon Cheese Cake - What can I say? It's a cheese cake. With 500gms of cream cheese per recipe, your tongue would have to be dead not to taste the cheese. Even the three blind mice could taste it probably. RM55, for approx 1.3kg cake.

Baked Coffee Cheese Cake - Very rich, bordering on stodgy. But for the caffeine kick, this is the one. However, coffee is surprisingly not a universally accepted taste. So order at own peril.

Chilled Cheesecakes - Lemon/Orange. It's unfathomable how cheesecake eaters are divided into two camps, ie, baked OR chilled, and never the twain shall meet. RM50.

Tiramisu Torte - Sorry, the caramelised nuts are a pain to make, so UNLESS specified, the finishing for this these days is toasted almonds on the side, and cocoa powder on the top, the way a tiramisu is meant to be eaten, ie, the bitter cocoa to combat the sweet mascarporne. Artery clogging mascarporne, with raw egg yolk. Almost goes without saying you must have alcohol in this, unless you really cannot, because of religion, or pregnancy.
RM60 without alcohol, RM70 with.


Bananas, (not in pajamas), dates, raisins, walnuts, almonds, poppy seeds, durian, oranges, carrots, lemon, in a marriage with flour, eggs, sugar and cream, in some cases.....

Clockwise from Left Top:

Sour Cream Walnut Coffee - The sour cream's IN the cake, so you can't opt to scrape it off. Walnuts, coffee, what's not to like. RM55

Sticky Date Cake With Toffee Topping - Now that dates are available not only during Ramadhan, this cake is now possible any time of the year. Moist, very sweet, even when you cut down the sugar. But it's TOFFEE TOPPING. One doesn't expect to order that without having a sweet tooth. RM50.

Orange Poppy Seed Cake - A dollop of orange marmalade goes into this recipe. And lots of orange rind. And lots of poppy seed. But not enough to get you on an opium high. Other variations, lemon poppy seed and durian poppy seed.
Orange/Lemon poppy seed - RM50, (+RM5 for cream cheese frosting)
Durian Poppy Seed - RM60 (comes with durian cream in a tub)

Old Fashioned Carrot Cake - Very healthy, sunflower oil, walnuts, carrots, raisins (or prunes, up to you) little bit of sugar, in fact, it could pass off as a vegetable dish. RM50 naked, (+RM5 for cream cheese frosting).

Others without pictures :
Banana Walnut Cake - RM50, (or RM60 for rum soaked raisins)

Sour Cream Lemon Pistachio - RM55


Nothing like a good old pie, with buttery puff pastry casing, or a sweet pie with buttery shortcrust bases, to embellish a meal.

Clockwise From Top Left

GOOD OLD APPLE PIE - Contains at least 8 medium sized granny smiths, cooked from scratch. You can opt for a tangy version, with lemon peel, OR the usual sweet version with raisins. RM50. Best served with cream and/or ice cream, vanilla of course.

LEMON MERINGUE PIE - Sourness is not a universally accepted taste, and you should specify your sourness tolerance level. However, the sweetish meringue balances the sourness to a certain degree. Best eaten warm, and freshly baked, of course. If kept overnight, might risk the meringue weeping. RM50

LEMON /LIME TART - What's the difference? Lime is a bit more bitterish, and actually, cost more, despite it being a local fruit. In terms of price per kg, lime yields far less juice than lemons. For the sour lovers, this is the one. RM50

CHICKEN & MUSHROOM PIE -Chicken, mushroom, coriander and whatever tickles your fancy. Puff pastry casing, of course. RM60 for one 7¾ inch diameter pie, in disposable pie plate.

QUICHES - A quiche is just a quiche, a smile is just a smile. Filling, your choice, priced accordingly. Smoked salmon does cost more than smoked chicken. From RM50.....

PUMPKIN PIE - Butternut pumpkin, for the discerning palate. RM55

Not in picture

RUM AND RAISIN PIE - Doused with rum, raisins soaked until plump with alcohol, in a custardy filling, encased with shortcrust pastry shell base. RM60 (sorry, no non alcoholic versions, unless you want "rum essence"....which is as bad as fake cream)


Price (RM)

Chocolate Cakes

Orange Mocha Chocolate Brownie


Chocolate Truffle Cake (with brandy)

50 (60)

Rich Chocolate Mud Cake


Chocolate Oreo Layer Cake


Flourless Choc Cakes With Molten Centres (min 10 pieces)

5 / piece

Flourless Choc Cake Whole With Ganache Frosting


Mint Chocolate Chip Cake


Cheese Based

Tiramisu Cake (with Kahlua)

60 (70)

Chilled Cheese Cake (Orange, Lemon)


Baked Cheese Cake (Orange, Lemon, Coffee)


Chilled Cheese Cake (Mars Bars, Durian, Mango)


Tea Time Cakes

Scones (min order 12)


Sticky Date Pudding


Coffee Sour Cream Walnut Cake


Lemon Sour Cream Pistachio


Orange Poppy Seed


Apple Crumble


Peach & Banana Crumble


Tarts and Pies

Pumpkin Pie (Add RM5 for butternut pumpkin)


Banoffee Pie


Lemon Meringue Pie


Lemon Tart / Lime Tart


Apple Pie


Chicken & Mushroom Pie (7¾ “ diameter)


LEAD TIME : 2 days minimum
PICK UP : Bangsar/ Damansara Heights
CONTACT : fatboybakes@gmail.com


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