Over the years, I've been blessed with many friends. Cos I'm a friendly person. Ahem. Those who know me well would know that there are several categories of friends that have popped up over the years, including:
FOTY - Friend of the Year. Actually this title came about, because I used to keep a journal, (way before the days of blogs), and I use to make a note of the new friends I've made in that year who have made an impact in my life one way or another. Over the years, the list trickled down to fewer names. Then old friends started speculating who will be the "friend of the year"..... it was meant to be retrospective, not like selecting a puppy, and grooming it.

FATY - After getting married, wife wasn't too comfortable with the idea of me making FOTYs that were female. So, I had to start a new category for them. FEMALE ACQUAINTANCE OF THE YEAR. But since no female wanted that label, it didn't last long.

WOMBAT - Credit has to be given to H-L for this. Stands for WORTHY OF MENTION BUDDING ACQUAINTANCE OF THEYEAR. (theyear is one word, or it'll be wombaty). There's been a dearth of new faces in the horizon, and as one gets older, it seems to be getting harder to make new friends. There's hardly any time to bond, or find things in common to do, and besides, I think I've become shallower with age, so no D&Ms either.

But the one place where I seem to spend an inordinate amount of time is in cyberspace. And, I've actually gotten to know some people a lot better through either Yahoo Msg, Msn Msg, Email, (actually had email pen pal), Blogs and sms.

So, to this new category of friends, I bestow the title I-V-F. Internet Virtual Friends. The "I" can be changed to any adjective that suits you, later on. Intriguing, intelligent, inane, insulting, irritating, indispensable, idiotic, illustrious, innovative, ingenious, invigorating, ....... the list goes on.

Oh NO, as I was typing this, my nephew asked me to participate in a HR survey, titled,
'Cyberloafing and cyberflaming at the workplace: Is Employee Performance Monitoring (EPM) a good solution?'

Update on the kids. The two boys seem to be fine, but the girl is still sick-ish, and today, can't walk. She's had this condition before, it's a virus, that causes temporal err, cannot walkability. Sounds frightening, but apparently it's normal for kids.

I think I'm coming down with something too. Seem to be sneezing and shitting a lot.

Other breaking news: BODY ATTACK is coming to Fitness First. Sounds intriguing. Harder than RPM even, apparently, and definitely way harder than Body Combat. I hope body attack doesn't translate to heart attack for moi.


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