Blogs, the Last Nail In the Coffin of Personal Communication

Last night, as we lazed around a friend's place (after an insalubrious meal of claypot loh shee fun and siew yoke noodles), to welcome guest of honor, BKTW (not Bak Kut Teh Wow), from Bangkok, inevitably the topic of blogs popped up. BKTW, a Malaysian working in Bangkok, with his wife and daughter, apparently keeps updated with our social scene and happenings by reading my blog.

The host had wifi, and a canggih manggih phone that allows you to surf the net, so instantly, I was seeing my blog on the teeny weeny screen of the HP phone/palm/pc whatever else they fit into those contraptions. Vibrator. The usual comments, "Wah, you got so much time to write a blog one ah?". "What? You update everyday ah?" "Mou yea hou chou ah?"

The truth of the matter is, 1. yes, I do have time on my hands, with this putrid property market, 2. it really doesn't take that long to update a blog. Without pictures, it'll take what? 15 minutes? 3. it is rather addictive, therapeutic, and well, as I discovered, informative, esp for those who live far away and are interested to know the happenings in our lives.

But however, having said that, when people asked me "how was the raya break?", I found it at the tip of my tongue to say, "it's all on the blog", and that's when I heard the sound of that last nail in the coffin of my already dying communication skills. Not all my friends know about the blog yet. And invariably, different people respond to it differently. One friend commented he wasn't at all interested in the food part of the blog. But, it DOES say fatboyBAKES.... what would one expect. Gym stuff? Duhhh.

Speaking of gym, I was on the cycle (mill?) yesterday after body pump, and was aiming for 25 minutes. At 23 minutes, a friend pops over to chat, and accidentally trips the wire, prematurely ending the workout. Talk about anti climactic, or premature "shouting". I now know how THAT feels. I still don't see how I am going to last an entire 45 minute RPM class.


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