Nose Hair Trimmers and Old Friends

The woman whom I am actually scared of is in town. Don't get me wrong, she's a dear friend, its just that I'm scared of her, the way a henpecked husband might be scared of his wife. One snarl from her is enough to make me yield in submission. She's scary. Anyway, so since she was in town, we got together, some old friends and us, and whiled the night away, chatting, she regaling us with tales of her aging father; the tales are really hilarious, but need to be narrated by her herself. It was nice to meet her and her long time friend from Perth, who is just as hilarious.

Also present was newly converted yogi, another old friend, whom I've known since 1983.... 22 years. Actually, she used to be called my dive wife, as we used to go diving together, and she has probably travelled to more places with me than with her own husband. As if by some cosmic force, the real wife (mine) and she also gave birth to our daughters on the same day. The ex IT specialist extraordinaire is now a yoga instructor, and is looking damn good for her age. (hers, not mine).

Through the course of the conversation, over coffee, the ladies started talking about non head hair, ie, hair that grows everywhere else, AND the various methods of ensuring urm, its not visible. Actually, pump instructor touched upon this topic once, and even shaved off his own arm pit hairs for the nike tribe challenge. So, I had to add my 2 cents worth, and told them I had this wonderful contraption for trimming nose hairs. Don't let its simplicity fool you, the darn thing costs like RM150. But unlike the God ordained way of removing nose hairs, (which cleans your eyes at the same time, coz when you yank out nose hairs, your eyes will surely tear), this thing makes it completely painless.

So, yoga instructress very enthusiastically grabs it, and proceeds to try to trim her non existent leg hair. She dons on her reading glasses, to see better, and proceeds to clip clip clip, when all of a sudden, all my nose hair that has accumulated in the thing, drops out and falls on her leg. GUFFFFAWWWWWWWWW. Nyuck nyuck nyuck.


shades said…
Actually I find pulling my nose hair quite... err.. stimulating.
fatboybakes said…
yes, there is an indescribably primal feel to yanking out a nose hair, and the feeling of satisfaction when it has been done with one accurate pull. but dont forget they're there for a reason, and you shouldn't pull them all out.....unless you can replace it with some filter.
Chipmunkrock said…

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