Friday, November 18, 2005

Wormholes Revised

My earlier post on wormhole friends seem to have irked a few people. I got a call from Ipoh banker, asking why he wasn't considered a WHF, and another lawyer in that building across Wisma technip, (the old wisma inai), said I've been demoted to his B list since my blog entry. Under scrutiny as well were some of those named AS WHF, who others felt shouldn't be accorded that honor, because they were merely a link in the chain, that subsequently lead to the REAL WHF.

Over the weekend, when and if I have the time, I shall plot out a family tree, and we shall see from there who the real WHFs are.

Just had a lovely SEX AND THE CITY (in the city) kinda lunch, with topics ranging from the 7 dwarfs, to urm.......[censored]. The usual, Red Planet, Bad Boy, Chubby Sabahan Baby, and guest starring new friend Gunther, Goody Two Shoes, and Cadbury Model, were present for phase 1 of lunch; phase two, in KLCC, Goody 2 Shoes left us, but was replaced by Unfaithful, and her sidekick, Gold Liza. Actually, I don't know how she got labelled Unfaithful, it was the spur of the moment thing, but her original nick is Misdemeanour. Much more endearing.

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REMIX said...

most enjoyable lunch date so far....(for me)