Wormholes Revised

My earlier post on wormhole friends seem to have irked a few people. I got a call from Ipoh banker, asking why he wasn't considered a WHF, and another lawyer in that building across Wisma technip, (the old wisma inai), said I've been demoted to his B list since my blog entry. Under scrutiny as well were some of those named AS WHF, who others felt shouldn't be accorded that honor, because they were merely a link in the chain, that subsequently lead to the REAL WHF.

Over the weekend, when and if I have the time, I shall plot out a family tree, and we shall see from there who the real WHFs are.

Just had a lovely SEX AND THE CITY (in the city) kinda lunch, with topics ranging from the 7 dwarfs, to urm.......[censored]. The usual, Red Planet, Bad Boy, Chubby Sabahan Baby, and guest starring new friend Gunther, Goody Two Shoes, and Cadbury Model, were present for phase 1 of lunch; phase two, in KLCC, Goody 2 Shoes left us, but was replaced by Unfaithful, and her sidekick, Gold Liza. Actually, I don't know how she got labelled Unfaithful, it was the spur of the moment thing, but her original nick is Misdemeanour. Much more endearing.


REMIX said…
most enjoyable lunch date so far....(for me)

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