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[3rd revision, with better FEARLESS poster]
[Fatboy's Recipes Updated with Nigella Lawson's Chocolate Fudge Cake]

Gorgeous Woman, aka Wonder Woman is back. For a few days anyway, for the FF Quartelies, whatever that is. I suspect it happens every three months.....but I THINK its for them to train the instructors for the new releases. Correct me if I am wrong, which I probably am.

Anyway, very deja vu, the Body Step class was once again star studded with the who's who of FF's GXIs. There was gorgeous woman, macho nippon woman, jeremy, FSI, and Klevin, famed balance instructor. Of course, any class lead by GW would be fantastic, even if it was Applications of Integrals and Diffentials in Advance Calculus. (yes, I am that biased). She is the Ang Lee equivalent of trainers... alright, alright, enough with the compliments, after she cannot get back onto the plane, head so big. After the class, I had the following conversation with a fellow member:

She: Oh, what was the name of that instructor?
Me: Huh? YOU DOONNNNO AH? that's Gorgeous Woman la, why?
She: Is she a visitor? She is completely in a class of her own.
Me: Haiya, opcors la, she's a Master Trainer wor, she very good hor.
She: I am not a Tai Tai, why you talk to me laidat...
Me: Oops, you're not ah? Sorry.
She: Yar, you can see the difference, she's so power packed, very good. Is she teaching anywhere else?
Me: I'm not sure, why don't you go ask her, she'll be around for a few days.

(okay, 2 sentences in that conversation were fictitious).

After work, went to check out the TIMES WAREHOUSE SALE in Atria. Books as far as the eye can see. Yet, I couldn't find a single book I wanted to buy. I think my days of accumulating clutter are over. The only books I look for are cook books these days, and that was the one category they were sorely lacking in. However, what they DID have was Donna Hay's Classics 1 & 2 for a steal, RM52 each, usually retailing at RM100++. This is the book from where I got the original Flourless Choc Cake recipes from. (and I subsequently altered it abit).

Knowing that I would be out later that night, guilt kicked in, so I brought the three kids for a swim at the supposedly newly renovated lake club. Basically they had re-tiled the pool and the surroundings, nothing much to shout about. Let it be written, and let the record show I single handedly brought THREE kids swimming without any help. That place doesn't allow domestic help anyway. Idiots.

After dinner, headed to Mid Valley for pre movie drinks with ELR's other group. Had their fantastic frozen margaritas, very innocuous looking but hits you later. One of the chappies had found a LIVE snail in his salad just shortly after I arrived....cute lil critter, but good enough for him to kick up a fuss, and MUCH TO MY SURPRISE, the damage control was very good. They offered him a complimentary meal, (only him), and gave him RM150 worth of vouchers that he could use at a next visit. I shall not say which outlet this was la, since they've compensated him adequately. But use your brains, where ELSE can you get margaritas in MVM!!!

Then the movie, FEARLESS.
Oops, wrong poster.

Starring Jet Li. As I mentioned before, any movie with father and daughter, especially cute little girls, already wins me over, but when it's TRAGIC, aiyoooo..... even more so. Won't tell the plot here, but suffice to say, I thought it was a great movie.

Thanks to ALL ABOARD who is as bad as me, fidgeting until she could find the poster, this is even a nicer poster of the movie


yw[2k] said…
The Quarterly/Quarterlies are Instructor Workshops that previews the next upcoming release :)

So yes, you are right :D
shades said…
for once...
fatboybakes said…
for once what? for once in my life, i have someone who needs me, someone i've needed so long....

yw2k- thankew for ur clarification sir.
myCoffee said…
Hi, I discovered your blog by chance and I enjoy it very much. Like you, I am also a gym and baking enthusiast.

Anyway, can you let me know where did you find the Donnay Hay books? I was at the Sale just now but couldn't find it. Thanks.
fatboybakes said…
hi mycoffee, thank you for ur kind words.

the donna hay books are pretty near the entrance to the warehouse sale, as you enter, its no more than two or three rows from the front, and there are tons of them, so you cant really miss it. you can also get her other book, OFF THE SHELF there for the same price. in fact, i'm thingking of stocking up to give away as presents.
yhsmom said…
Apparently Fearless is an inaccurate depiction of the life of the great Huo Yun-Jia, his family are now thinking of taking Jet Li and the filmmakers to court! What they object to most of all is the fact that Huo was shown in the movie as having no descendants!
fatboybakes said…
yar, i also read that the great grandson is taking legal action, or threatening to do so....mind you, i thought the movie portrayed him in great light. oh ya, yhsmom, can you imagine some of our combat instructors living in that era, might have made some great kung fu master hor, and probably go around killing people indiscriminately. Got or not? Who would you vote as MOST LIKELY to do so??? And if our combat instructors WERE from that era, who would be no 1 in tianjin? (that's where huo was from, and that was what he aspired to be, at least in the movie)
loaded question or what!!!!
yhsmom said…
With regard to killing people indiscriminately I would have to say it's "the one you love to love" alias "the one I love to hate"! No.1 in Tianjin would be Dr-Combat without a doubt! His technique is the best and I know I am not alone in saying this!

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